Celestine Prophecy 12 Insights Series: Applying the Wisdom of the Insights to our Daily Lives

The First Insight: A Critical MassFreedom

James Redfield, the author of the Celestine Prophecy, gives us principles in the form of 12 insights which assist in the interpretation of the universal laws that govern the unseen spiritual world, just as scientists assist us in understanding the physical realm.

The first of these insights is called ‘A Critical Mass.” It presents the idea that there is a new awareness experienced by and common to the whole of humanity, the need of the spiritual in our lives.

In this prophecy, we are to return to perceiving the wonder and mystery of life on Earth. This becomes more evident as more and more people experience a sense of being guided in their lives. Coincidences happen which lead us on a journey of discovery.

Once a critical mass of people experience this the culture itself begins to change and what was previously considered to be the sphere of merely the religious, is taken seriously by the rest of society.

Everyone has had them. Those quiet whispers, those fleeting thoughts that pass through our minds, without us noticing. These are the forms of guidance that we receive every day but fail to receive, recognise or act on. They make sense when we take the time to tune into them. Yet so often, they are not valued and are regarded with suspicion. This is a product of our upbringing and training, that has said for centuries that it is only the rational and the provable that are of value.

Once we were interested in the ultimate questions of life. However, as humanity waited for the answer to those metaphysical concerns, we chose to occupy our thinking with the physical structure of this world and discovered all that we could about this planet on which we live and how to make life here pleasant and enjoyable. This became an end in itself and we long forgot the questions we had asked and the answers for which we were waiting. This continued literally for centuries.

The time came, at the end of the 20th century, when those answers to the questions of life no longer satisfied people. Financial and materialistic security has proved to be no security at all with the bankruptcy of major financial institutions and market instability. This caused an awakening to the understanding that there was more to life than what could be seen, heard, touched, tasted, smelt or proved. Through science, people saw intelligence of design but this was no longer enough. Now they wanted to reconnect with the divine. People started to ask the ultimate questions of life again. They began also to look outside of themselves for the answers.

Where have we come from? Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? How do we discover it? These are all questions that people in increasing numbers are asking. We all yearn for significance and purpose in our lives and it is into this vacuum that the spiritual brings meaning. Is this interest in the metaphysical mere coincidence or part of a blueprint and plan for this age?

In this new chapter in humanity’s development, people are being taught to value again and listen more closely to those intuitions, hunches and coincidences which have always been a part of their lives. Through them, we are led to discover our path and our part in a divine plan instituted at the beginning of both time and space.

It astonishes the mind to even consider another dimension where time and space do not exist. It is from this realm that the wisdom and understanding necessary for each individual to find their purpose in this life comes. We are guided and positioned by an unseen hand to fulfil our potential and purpose for this life. We begin to make more meaningful choices that are more inline with what we wish to create. Nothing is left to chance, nothing surprises. Yet, for each one it is a journey of discovery. Each learning adds to our understanding of a more authentic and deliberately designed reality and how we should as a consequence live our lives in alignment with the Universe.

Why now? Is this merely a matter of universal forces coming together? Is this all being controlled by planetary alignments moving through certain astrological signs? I think not. These may be signs in the heavens ordained to signal this new development in human understanding and growth, yet they are not in and of themselves the cause. There is a driving force behind these events, which is far more influential than the movement of the heavenly bodies themselves.

All spiritual meaning is found beyond ourselves and draws us to have better relationships with each other and the planet. We must come back to a place of unity and harmony if we are to continue to thrive in this world and expand our knowledge and our self-realization. To this end, the divine, is speaking to everyone, everywhere, in a variety of different forms.

The insights echo many of the teachings of the major monotheistic religions. They point the way back from the rules of organised religion to a pure uncomplicated relationship with the intensely personal origin of all life, love and truth. We will no longer be living for self but for others, as we understand the importance of one another in a new perspective;  we are lead to an enhanced life experience for one and all.

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